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Build a Strong Community 

I’m proud of city leaders for all the work they’ve done to build community

in Fairview. Our elected officials, staff, and volunteers have created city-sponsored events like Flicks in the Park and Fairview on the Green, and promoted

projects like the community rock gardens, which feature stones painted

by kids young and old. 


I am also proud that, during the coronavirus pandemic, city officials are helping

residents and business owners with loans and utility bill assistance.

I want to continue to build community spirit, and ensure we’re including everyone, regardless of the

neighborhood they live in their age, the color of their skin, the money they make, or the language they speak.

I will:

 Improve communication through the city website, social media, and the Fairview Point newsletter,
including ensuring translations in Spanish, Russian, and Vietnamese

Ensure all neighborhoods get attention and have access to city resources

 Raise money and awareness for Fairview’s community events, and brainstorm new traditions,
and ensure that events are inclusive of all residents

 Partner with the Reynolds School District to be sure that our kids, especially kids of color,
have as much community support as possible so they can stay healthy and succeed academically

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