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Play Offense on Development 

Once you build it, it’s there. Likely forever. That’s why it may be better not to build anything at all — or for sure get construction right the first time.

Development must reflect our needs, uphold our standards,
and get us closer to the vision we share for our city.

I’ll take a proactive approach to development. I’ll invite in real estate developers
and investors who are creative, collaborative, and interested in more than just turning a profit. (They’re really
out there!) I’ll invite you in to help dream up our future. More community gardens? A shuttle to Mt. Hood?
A farmer’s market or maker space or food cart pods? Let’s figure it out together!

I will:

Drive revision of the city’s comprehensive plan — our blueprint for the future — and be sure
everyone in the community has the chance to weigh in what we want our city to be

Create partnerships with organizations that can help us keep Fairview affordable, attract and
retain small businesses, and make sure we’re green, clean, and connected

Work consistently with the parks committee, economic development advisory committee, planning commission

and other city boards so we can capture the best ideas, get consensus on critical issues, and make progress faster

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