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Make a Great “Main Street”

Halsey Street is a county road that connects Fairview, Wood Village, and Troutdale,
and there’s a plan to turn it into a tree-lined, walkable, vibrant “main street.”


The idea is to slow the traffic on the three-mile stretch of Halsey from just west of Fairview Parkway

through downtown Troutdale and add pedestrian and bike friendly features, public gathering spaces,

new housing, and new shops, restaurants, pubs, and coffee shops. Halsey would be safer and prettier,

and attract new jobs, businesses, and housing to the three cities.


East County officials have been working on this “Main Streets on Halsey” idea
together for five years. The project is in the design phase.


Nothing is more important to Fairview ‘s future than moving that project
forward and ensuring it’s a success. 

I will:

Help find and secure grant funding to complete the project


Ensure the public — including business owners and people of color — is engaged

Forge strong ties with our partners in Wood Village, Troutdale, Multnomah County,
and Metro to ensure we maintain momentum and get the project over the finish line

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