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Improve Parks and Trails

Fairview is rich in the outdoor department. We have 22 municipal and school parks, six creeks, six picnic areas, five play structures, two lakes, two ponds, two gazebos, one river, one bike path, one recreational trail, one community garden,

one boat launch, one disc-golf course, and one half-basketball court.
We also are home to hundreds of acres of wetlands.

I will work hard to protect our open space and preserve, improve,
and expand our parks, natural areas, and recreation spaces. 

I will:

Work to improve and expand the Gresham-Fairview Trail and create other bikeways so we can help
East County realize its plans to attract visitors through bike tourism

Support PlayEast!, our terrific recreation program with Wood Village, and work to expand opportunities for play by pursuing a parks district or similar source of stable, long-term funding for parks and recreation in East County


Ensure Fairview makes the most of its share of the $475 million Metro Parks and Nature Bond —
and ensure the public has a say in how the money is spent

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