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My Creative Crew

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

I am lucky to have very dear friends — and very creative ones. Writers, woodworkers, photographers, videographers, cartoonists, sculptors, painters, potters, poets, architects, and designers of all stripes. My friends make my life rich with beauty and meaning.

Here are a few of my creative crew, ones who've helped me with my campaign. For free!

There's Michelle Wise, designer and artist, who makes everything she touches beautiful, from gardens to paintings to websites like mine. She has boundless energy and patience and is the master of the brilliant hack. Michelle, thank you for designing my site!

There's Fred Joe, photographer, who shoots in a fresh photojournalist style that reveals his roots in newspapers like The Oregonian, which is where we met. Fred, thank you for taking my picture for all my campaign materials! (And making me laugh while you did it).

There's Sara Brandon and Josh Silverman. Sara is my best friend and a communications guru and an artist. There isn't anything Sara can't make — and make gorgeous, from meals and rooms to advertisements and paintings. Josh is a designer and a teacher and an entrepreneur. For years, he ran his own design business, then did design for a few small companies like IBM and Twitter. Sara and Josh, thank you for designing my logo!

And then there's Jess Columbo and her partner, Baker Poulshock. Jess is a digital marketing and social media expert and entrepreneur. Who also writes poems. Jess brims with smart energy, always thinking of something new for her clients and her community. Baker is a designer and photographer and videographer, who went to art school and did work for some small companies like Nike and HBO. Jess and Baker are working on my campaign video. Thank you!

I am grateful for these friends. They gave me their talent and time, making their art with care and imagination and humor. I appreciate you, friends.

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