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Fired Up, Ready to Go

Thank you, Fairview.

I got 3,144 votes in the Nov. 3 election.

With no opposition, and just a few write-ins, this means I'm in.

Check it out!

In January, during the first week of the new year, I will be sworn in as your new city councilor.

I'm excited to serve you.

I promise I will work hard. I'll show up prepared, ask hard questions, and reach out to you. I'll base my decisions on evidence and expertise, my values and your input. I will be fair, transparent, honest, creative, and collaborative. Good leaders work well with others. And they serve. That means I listen to you and represent you when it comes time to take a vote.

While I was walking around Fairview, looking and listening before the election, I heard a lot of concerns about safety. Too many fast cars. Not enough sidewalks. Worries about car break-ins and thefts, home break ins, drugs. Lots of compassion and concern also for a rise in the number of homeless people in Fairview and in East County.

Safety was not a campaign priority for me. But it is now.

I will work hard for more sidewalks and ways to slow traffic in neighborhoods and our busy county corridors like Halsey, Glisan, and Sandy. I also want to work with the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office to create accessible public safety reports so we're all working with facts, and can spot and follow trends, and act on that information.

Keep your eyes here on the blog. I'll be posting about people I meet in the community, and my League of Oregon Cities training for new city council members. I plan to take the next two months to learn and to rest.

We've got a lot of great work ahead.

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