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Little Red Wagon

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

The best part of running for office, I thought, is knocking on doors and meeting my neighbors. That's when you literally meet people where they live, introduce yourself, and talk about Fairview's future.

Then the pandemic hit. So much for knocking on doors.

Then I thought twice. What if I could deliver postcards instead, ones already addressed to me and stamped, that folks could return to me with their ideas, their concerns, their dreams? Just dropping them in mailboxes and on porches, keeping my social distance.

So I bought this Radio Flyer from the local Target and my daughter, Lucy, helped me put it together. To try it out, she took our guinea pig, Pippin, out for a spin. Cuties.

My goal is to walk to every house in Fairview, delivering my postcards in the hopes that folks will write me back and tell me what sort of future they'd like to see for our city.

With luck, while I'm out there, I will get to meet some of my neighbors. And maybe we can talk — masks on, six feet away — about the kind of future we'd like to build together.

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