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Masks Up!

Aren't these gorgeous?

Jo Ann Kennedy, my dear friend and my brother's partner, made these for me.

She spent hours at her sewing machine, set up in her dining room outside of Austin, TX, putting these together as her campaign gift. The "vote" applique is especially lovely - but it was a pain in the patoot to pull off. I'm grateful Jo Ann took the time. Not only for me - but for others.

Jo Ann made over 300 masks in the last four months, taking orders off Facebook and working deep into the night for weeks. All for free. Just because she wanted to help.

This spirit of mutual aid is everywhere since the pandemic hit. Americans are donating money and clothes and food and time to help their neighbors. They're setting up child care collectives, delivering groceries and medicines, creating rent assistance funds. Jo Ann, like thousands of her crafty brethren, made masks to give away.

This is the spirit of community and care that I will bring to Fairview City Hall. It represents us at our best, and right now, it's saving lives. So keep doing good. And, by all means, mask up. It is the most important piece of mutual aid we give one another right now.

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