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This is Elizabeth Case, my sister. My Emerge Oregon sister.

Elizabeth and I were in the Emerge Class of 2019 together, two Democratic women learning the ropes of running for public office. Elizabeth and I spent one Saturday a month together for nine months, learning about cutting turf and raising money, delivering a stump speech and knocking on voters’ doors.

She makes me smile, and gives me hope, and she’s going places. Elizabeth lives in Hillsboro and that is where she’s making a difference. She serves on the board of the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce and the Hillsboro Public Library and is one of the leaders of Indivisible Hillsboro OR.

Elizabeth will likely land on the Hillsboro City Council one day. Or maybe she will be the mayor. Or maybe she will reinvent Oregon as governor, bringing us back to the days when our policy was innovative and our leaders were bold.

Because the thing about Elizabeth: she’s an entrepreneur. She runs her own sales and marketing company, Yellow Dog Consulting, which helps solo entrepreneurs. (She is THE marketing newsletter whiz). She has the quick mind, the humor, and the hustle that the best entrepreneurs have. Everything’s fast. Everything's creative. And bullshit? Zero.

Elizabeth is also this wonderful mix of snarky and sincere. One of her favorite t-shirts is “Knope 2020” and it is both a Parks and Recreation gag and an honest statement on good women doing good government. And man, she loves her city, from the Hillsboro Hops to her ‘hood in Orenco Station. That home-girl stuff is REAL. And she is only 40. Man, the places she will go.

Getting connected to women like Elizabeth is the best thing about Emerge. Through the training, and the network, the organization has helped over 100 Oregon Democrats run and win elected seats all over the state and up and down the ballot, from school board and city council positions to state Senate and House seats. There are 48 Emerge alum on the November ballot – including me! I’m one of 16 Emerge graduates running right now for a city council seat.

I couldn’t have done it without Elizabeth, who set up my Mail Chimp email template as a campaign gift. And she gave money anyway. And came to my kick-off party, and generally cheers me on. She’s that kind of sister. And when she’s ready to run, you know I will be there.

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