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Hi Fairview.

You voted me in.
Now let's go somewhere great — together.


You won’t hear me complain about the present or get nostalgic about the past. I'm working for our future.

You’ve got good ideas about that future.

I can’t wait to hear them — and work to make them happen.


Here is my agenda:

Make a Great “Main Street”


Halsey Street is a county road that connects Fairview, Wood Village, and Troutdale, and there’s

a plan to turn it into a tree-lined, walkable, vibrant “main street.”

Offense on Development 2.JPG

Once you build it, it’s there. Likely forever. That’s why it may be better not to build anything at all – or for sure get construction right the first time. 

Play Offense on Development 

Improve Parks and Trails

Fairview is rich in the outdoor department, featuring 22 city and school parks, two lakes, two ponds, a bike path, a community garden, a boat launch, and a basketball court.

Build a Strong Community

I’m proud of city leaders and volunteers for building community, and I'll work to support Fairview events and projects - and create new inclusive traditions.


We've got it good. Let's make it even better.

Fairview has 437 acres of parks and protected open space, a walkable and

well-designed city center, and views of Mt. Hood, the Columbia River,

and the Gorge that are so good, they gave our city its name. 

The best thing about Fairview: it's for everyone.

With lake-front mansions and mobile home parks,

just about any family can afford to live here. 


I serve on the city council to make Fairview even better — more

vibrant, better connected, and accessible for generations to come.


I love where I live.

Fairview is green and it feels small, in a good way. We have the best library. Different kinds of people live here — rich and poor, young and old, white and brown and black. And you can’t beat the location. In just 20 minutes, we're on a trail in the Columbia River Gorge or in a restaurant in Portland. 

Love is why I serve on the city council. I love where I live. I want to protect my city. I want to make it better. That’s why, like many Americans right now, I’m getting involved. 


I served on the Fairview planning commission and economic development advisory council to have a say in what kind of housing gets built and what small businesses are brought in. It's why I've advocated for East County parks and why I joined the Climate Reality Project and the Oregon League of Conservation Voters Metro Climate Action Team to help reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that threaten our air and water, feed wildfires, and hurt our timber, farm, and fishing industries. 

It’s a tough time in America. Our communities need care. Our neighbors need help. We need every volunteer and visionary we can get. I’m not a politician, but I am a community leader. I’ve volunteered in Lucy’s schools and served on the boards of non-profits that support education, science, the arts, and the environment. As a newspaper reporter, I wrote about health care and education — including schools here in East County. As a science writer and fundraiser, I’ve raised $20 million to support research.

Most importantly, I’m a mom. I’ve raised Lucy, who’ll be a high school senior this fall, largely on my own. I know emotional stress and financial struggle.

My experience as a community leader, a professional, and a parent has taught me the importance of close listening, critical thinking, honesty, humility, patience, and — most of all – hard work. You have to put in the time. You’ve got to build trust and earn respect. Grind it out, get results. As your city councilor, I will always work hard for you.

Our communities need care. Our neighbors need help. We need every volunteer and visionary we can get. 




My Supporters 

Shirley Craddick  |  District 1 Councilor, Metro

Lee Dayfield  |  Founder, Nadaka Nature Park

Maxine Dexter, MD  |  Oregon State Representative,  House District 33

Dave Dyk  |  Vice Chair, Gresham Finance Committee

Candidate, Gresham City Council

East County Rising


Josh Fuhrer  |  Former Gresham City Councilor

Former Executive Director, Gresham Redevelopment Commission

T. Scott Harden  |  Mayor, City of Wood Village

Hollie Holcombe  |  Chair, Fairview Planning Commission 

Member, Fairview Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee

Mike McKeel  |  Member, Gresham Design Commission

Ricki Ruiz  |  Member, Reynolds School Board 

Candidate, Oregon State Representative, House District 50

Akasha Lawrence Spence  |  Oregon State Representative, House District 36


Lori Stegmann  |  Mulntomah County Commissioner, District Four


Let's Connect

I want to hear from you.



Share your concerns or ideas,


or just ask some questions.

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